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Double Jump: playerDoubleJump.asm

Submitter: wolfmerrik

Description: This script will be called when the "A" button is Held

For more details on how to use this, check out this thread:

To use this, you will need to add both these lines to SystemVariables:

canDoubleJump .dsb 1

didDoubleJump .dsb 1

This file is one of the three files needed for this to work:

Credits: If you use this or have ways to improve it, let me know in the thread mentioned above!


Tags: doublejump, jump, platformer

ASM Preview:

;  This modifies the original code included in the Platform Tutorial to

;  allow for double jumps. This was created by WolfMerrik,

;  lets call it version 1.1, as this is the first revision

;  for info on using it, check out:

LDX player1_object

LDA Object_status,x

AND #%00000100


LDA #$00

; This is an incomplete preview.
; Download for the full code

Download: Here

Size: 435 B

Downloads: 118 (1 Users)

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